May 21, 2014

About Makkiko

 Makkiko is a Japanese documentary photographer of arts. She photographs artists in the beautifully process of creating works of art. The starting point of her work is to explore the artist's sensibilities and to understand their feelings. And she captures the world of the artist with her camera while is in their beautiful world.
    She photography documentaries about the Arts, since 2009 as she photographed a oil painter in Japan. Who paints the white shells powder on base of the canvases. It was boiled the dry glia to make the adhesive for the powder. The painter said the boiling time and quantity of the gila are very important and he has his own technique to maintain for the painting as in the best condition.
In 2010, she got a chance to photograph of a casting artist Komin Ozawa. Some television programs and film were realized about him, but she was the first photograph who made a documentary with pictures of him. And Komin Ozawa wrote on a letter to her:"I think that your photographies are catching the human essence."His creating casting pods are made by soil. His work begins with some of the soil making and he needs three weeks to one month to polish up works by his hands with sandpapers. 
The life is art.
She calls them the beauty of the process.

My works are by the artists of great cooperation.
I sincerely thank the artists for their great cooperation.




 2010年、、富山県の大澤光民さんを撮影する機会を得た。光民氏は鋳物作家であり人間国宝の一人だ。 彼を一人のアーチストとして彼を捉えている。生き方そのものがアートなのだと感じた。そんな人生を感じさせるアーチストの制作工程の美しさに魅せられている。


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